We run strictly on donations and every donation, no matter the size, is tax deductible. We are very appreciative of any and all help and could not do what we do without your amazing support.

Ways to Donate

  • PAYPAL: Please use the address fightingfordawn@gmail.com If you mark it as a gift for friends/family, we will not be charged a fee.
  • AUTO DRAFT: To set up a weekly or monthly auto draft, select an amount below. Many people find the ‘Autodraft option’ to be much easier for them and also allows us to plan better.
  • BY MAIL: Updated PO Box coming soon due to our recent move

Please check to see if your employer has a matching donation program. We do have one love that does that and it is awesome!

What is $2 Tuesday?

$2 Tuesday is a day set up where we ask you to give up that morning cup o’ Joe, pass up that Mcmuffin, and instead donate those funds to FFD to help animals in need. If you can’t afford $2 (I know I can’t always), please share our page and ask your friends to help out. While $2 doesn’t sound like a lot, if just half of the people that follow our page gave just $2 every Tuesday, that would be $4000 a week! We usually, but not always, dedicate each Tuesday to a specific animal and their needs.

When did FFD begin?

Dawn was found and the group was begun in February 2012. We became a 501c3 corporation in November 2012.

What types of animals have you rescued?

Over the years we have taken in dogs, cats, sugar gliders, birds, chickens, a horse, pigs, goats, rabbits. Currently we have all but sugar gliders…won’t do that again.

What is your Facebook address?

You can find us on Facebook at facebook.com/fightingfordawn

Why can’t I find your phone number?

We don’t give out our personal phone number because of the amount of calls we get asking us to take animals. Previously, when our number was public, people were calling at all hours. Adopters always get our number, that is about it. If you need us, please email fightingfordawn@gmail.com. Denise will respond same day. You can also always private message us at www.facebook.com/fightingfordawn.

Do you allow visitors to the farm?

We do but on a limited basis and you must make an appointment. Unexpected visitors can cause chaos and stress for some of the animals.

We appreciate volunteers, drop offs of donations, etc, just please talk with us in advance.

Do you have foster homes?

We do not currently since moving to Arkansas. Foster homes would have to be local and within travelling distance to our vet in Mountain Home. We do require a vet reference and home visit before placing any animal in a home whether by foster or adoption.

What humans live at the farm?

David – dad and heavy equipment mechanic by trade. He has a serious heart for old Chihuahuas and anything tiny and needy. He has put up with Denise and her craziness for over 25 years. Luckily, he shares her dreams and together they make a pretty good team.

Denise – mom and herbalist in training. She is currently working on developing her own line of tinctures, skin care products, and teas. She actually attended college to be an educator with a minor in Literature. She has an affinity for anything with four (or three) feet.

Hannah – GradieMae’s mom and all round helper. Hannah has worked as a vet tech and is the primary caregiver of the FFD cats and horses and the Rocky Ridge Refuge minis that reside here. She is currently on a mission to trap and alter all feral cats in the woods around our property. There are bunches!

Charlie – jack of all trades. He is the one who gets up at 2AM when the LGDs are pitching a fit and 6:30AM when the old people need to pee. Resident pooper scooper and do everythinger. All animals love him and he is so wonderful with all of them. We couldn’t do all we do without his help.

GradieMae – one year old Tasmanian devil and constant bringer of joy. She has grown up this far knowing nothing but rescue. She is happy and seems to always have dirty feet now.

Emmy – living in Atlanta but visiting as often as she can. She goes by “Super Emmy Rescue Dogs” and will argue you that it is her real name. I have never seen a child with such a love and fire for animals in need.