Joe’s Arkansas Adventure – 50/50 Raffle

Joe’s Arkansas Adventure – 50/50 Raffle


Well, our Joe did not have surgery this week after all. The Dr. did an EKG and discovered that he has a blockage in his heart. Anesthesia would kill him. It isn’t worth that. SOOOO… he is making Joe a cart for now to raise up his chest and keep him from hitting that stump. We will return to Georgia and go to a cardiologist to see what can be done for Joe. If his heart issue can be resolved, we will come back for surgery. We re just all so glad the surgeon caught the heeart issue!

Donations made to Joe’s surgery will now go toward his heart treatment. We are grateful for the funds raised and happy that we can take him further in his treatment without asking for more. We can’t wait to have his cart in two weeks.

We found, through our friend Janice Wolf of Rocky Ridge Refuge, a wonderful vet willing to help us save Joseph’s leg.

He will amputate the stump and place a titanium plate in the back of the deformed leg. Joseph will be in a 4 wheel cart for at least 6 months to heal. This doctor has high hopes but has been honest. He said if he gets in and the leg cannot be saved, he will amputate and Joseph will live with the 4 wheel cart forever. With this surgery, we do face normal risks like infection, death, loss of the leg.

Joseph goes to the vet on October 7 in ARKANSAS. We have to raise enough funds to cover his surgery, cart, and transportation fees for he and Denise. They will be in Arkansas approximately 4 days as long as there are no complications. They will split the trip up as well to avoid that 14 hour one way drive for Joe. Denise will post constant updates on our Facebook page so that everyone can follow their trip and his success. Once he is back home, Dr Kidd will pick up his care.

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Joe's 50/50 Raffle