An Unexpected Road Trip

An Unexpected Road Trip


This baby is in Alabama and needs us yesterday. She jumped the fence and was hit by a car on May 12. The vet said her leg is shattered. The family has no money to fix her leg so they have asked us to take her in to FFD. We are going to get her tomorrow and she will be fostered by Amanda. She will require surgery, we just don’t know what type yet. We are also looking at about $100 in gas.

If you can donate anything at all, it will be greatly appreciated and used for this puppy. We are currently out of x-large crates too if anyone has one we can borrow for her. She will be on crate rest for several weeks.

To make a donation, you can visit our donation page, go through Paypal and give as a gift to, or donate directly to Conyers Animal Hosp at 770-483-1551 and tell them it is for the broken boxer.

Thanks y’all. We could never go on our crazy rescue missions without all of you!